Welcome to the website of "Entrepreneurs Talk" with a focus on challenges faced by entrepreneurs (entrepreneurial challenges), the responsibility of being a citizen of the universe (universal citizenship) and the driving force behind interdisciplinary collaboration (next generation technologies).

While some entrepreneurial challenges are generic - common across multiple lines of businesses, others are limited to specific lines of businesses. As entrepreneurs expand their horizons they and or their products and services are taken to various geo-social environments. Such expansions call for conscious thinking vis-a-vis citizenship in a world with or without boundaries. This puts one on the frontline of taking responsibilities for one's interaction with the environment. With appropriate guidance, the resulting interaction can stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration and leads to next generation technologies.

Information regarding related events as well as "Downloadables" and other resources will also be made available on the respective pages.

Our events are focused on addressing - in a respectful, non-formal environment - the multifaceted nature of entrepreneurship, while facilitating the exchange of ideas, point of views and knowledge with entrepreneurs. It is a platform where you can come with/without your "crowd" and talk to them - or listen to others who attend - about entrepreneurial challenges, universal citizenship and next generation technologies.

We hope you enjoy and appreciate your time on our website and we look forward to welcoming you and share some inspirational moments in one of our events.


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